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Silver Y Moth

Spotted in our garden today, the Silver Y moth, Autographa gamma is quite widespread occurring in Europe, North Africa and much of temperate Asia.

Autographa gamma

Migrants arrive in the British Isles in Spring and produce a second generation in Autumn though these don’t usually survive the winter.  It’s usual habitats include gardens, farmland, wasteland and open countryside, plenty of all of those around us.   The caterpillar feeds on low growing plants and is sometimes a pest of lettuce, peas and other crops.  It’s a yellowish green or dark olive green with wavy white lines along its back and a white stripe down each side.  Its head is green with a black stripe each side.  I’m not surprised we’ve seen this moth because they do fly both at night and during the day.


Beautiful Brimstone

A moth that is often mistaken for a small butterfly because it’s on the wing during the day, the Brimstone is common throughout Europe frequenting light woodland, hedgerows and open countryside.  This species produces two broods a year so can be seen in any month between April and October.  It’s caterpillar has a double pointed hump in the middle of its back and may be either brown or green.  It feeds on various deciduous trees and shrubs including blackthorn (Prunus) and hawthorn (Crataegus).

Brimstone (Opisthograptis luteolata)