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Wildflowers of the South Downs

It’s a perfect summer’s day and what better way to start it than a stroll on the wild side.  I’m lucky that I live on the edge of the South Downs with stunning views and plenty of wildflowers to find and photograph, here are a few of them.

Pulicaria dysenterica

Lathyrus pratensis

Convulvulus arvensis

Daucus carota

Epilobium angustifolium

Senecio jacobaea (Very poisonous to livestock)



Saponaria officinalis is a perennial wildflower which spreads by thick stolons :-

Stolon; Noun:
  1. A creeping horizontal plant stem or runner that takes root at points along its length to form new plants.
  2. An arching stem of a plant that roots at the tip to form a new plant, as in the bramble.

Soapwort grows to 60-90cm in height and flowers from June to September.

I have found it flowering in an uncultivated area of the garden much as it would in the wild.  It’s usual habitat is waste ground, grassy areas, roadsides, hedgerows and areas of abandoned cultivation.  It’s pretty and will be left to enhance the “wild side” of the garden.