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Gladiolus Flowering

Well the rain we had last week spoiled the blooms on the lilac Gladiolus but we now have a white one flowering and what I think is going to be a yellow one too!

Got a great shot of this bumble bee visiting the white Gladiolus.

A welcome visitor …


Gladiolus Flowering Update

Half way there …


And close up …


Fabulous Gladiolus

Oh My …

Flowers fully open

Stunning colour …

Really want to find out exactly which cultivar this is.

Gladiolus Flowering Day 2

Gladiolus Flower

Loving the colour …

Gladiolus Flowering Day 2

Gladiolus Flowering

Flowers Emerging

Here they come …
Well it’s been a week since my first post and the flower spike now measures 1ft 10inch and is about to flower as you can see.  It’s also standing upright again, quite a fidget this one!

Here’s a close-up …

You know I’ve noticed something else about this plant, it seems to be 100% slug resistant! A winner in my mind.

Gladiolus Flower Bud Update

Finding this hard to believe but the bud now measures 1’7″.  If I got my measurements right a couple of days ago that’s quite a growth spurt!  It’s leaning over for light too, caused by deep afternoon shade.

Gladiolus Flower Bud Update

I measured the bud on the Gladiolus this morning and it is just over 1′ long and another bud has just started to form from another leaf axil.


Gladiolus Flower Bud

Gladiolus Flower bud

We’re on tenterhooks, can’t wait to see this flower. The bud is magnificent, should be a real beauty. Updates will follow.