Don’t Flutterby Little Butterfly!

I’ve been seeing this small butterfly regularly in the garden now for about a week and it sat still long enough for me to get a snap, a little blurry, but enough to identify it as a Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown.

Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown

Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown

It’s common in southern England and Wales and can also be found in Ireland.  It has been recorded in Scotland but no longer occurs there.  It’s usual habitats are fields, open woodland and hedgerows.  The one pictured here, is a male and seems particularly attracted to the Hebe in my garden even though it has no flowers yet.  Its caterpillar feeds on several grasses, in particular annual meadow grass, Poa annua.  It’s yellowish brown with pale lines down each side and a dark line along its back.  The butterfly takes to the wing in July and August and it’s favourite food is bramble blossom, Rubus.

The Birds …

Small White Butterflies

The Bees …

Small White Butterflies

And the Butterflies!

Small White Butterflies


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