The Bit at the Bottom …

We all, well okay, most of us have that “bit at the bottom” of the garden which is out of sight and nearly out of mind!  It’s a mess, the bindweed has yet to be tackled and the Betula pendula (silver birch) needs felling as it is in very poor health and right on the boundary with our neighbours.  I have actually managed to put together a compost bin which I made out of 3 wooden pallets (free from a local builder) and erected the toolshed which we bought last year just after we moved in.  So the bit at the bottom will be the business end, storage and compost area and eventually will be screened from the rest of the garden.  Also, the dilapidated shed will be patched up for extra storage, waste not want not!


2 responses to “The Bit at the Bottom …

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